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with Cait Lynch


"Cait helped me to gain clarity and create a path forward! " (consulting client)


What's your story?

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Connect privately with me—all about you.

Get ready for an ear who listens and someone on your side who can offer a possible reframe of what’s happening in your life, over and above nutrition and fitness.

Private consultations (via Zoom) with nutrition, fitness and equestrian coach and author, Cait Lynch.

30 Minute Consult
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One-to-One Coaching

with Cait Lynch


"After working with Cait, I felt like I was about to go skydiving!

I was all geared up, but just needed that nudge from Cait to head out the plane door." 

(one-to-one coaching client)


Coaching is for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy and who want to make changes and move forward in their lives. Coaching is not therapy or counselling. Coaching may address specific personal, business, or general goals and objectives.

Tell me your story and we'll discuss actionable steps for you to consider.

Private, one-to-one, online coaching sessions with nutrition, fitness and equestrian coach and author Cait Lynch. 

One-to-One Coaching Package: Four (4) Hours
One-to-One Coaching Package: Eight (8) Hours


CONNECT: Fitness Unlimited (LIVE + VOD)
Get NOURISHed: Nutrition Workshop (VOD)
Wellness Compasses Series: Better Digestion, Sleep, Energy & Mood (VOD)
Mobility Package: Stretching Classes & More (VOD)

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Get Better Sleep (PDF)
Neck Tension? Shoulder Pain? Relief Series (VOD)

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