One-to-One Clarity Coaching

Achieve the clarity and vitality you need to thrive in every season of your life.

"I help you achieve the clarity and vitality you need to thrive in every season of your life."

~Vitality Expert, Cait Lynch


Take Your Vitality Beyond Nutrition and Fitness

Let's connect privately—all about you.

I provide the support you need to clarify and actualize your goals to live a life you love.

Tell me your story

  • You want an ear who listens, judgement free.
  • You need someone who is on your side. Some one who is not your family, your friend or your therapist!
  • You deserve someone who can offer a possible reframe of what’s happening in your life

I'm here to listen, help and guide.

Stay curious,



Cait Lynch, B.A.
Acclaimed Nutrition & Fitness Coach
Owner, Custom Fit Vitality

What is Clarity Coaching with Cait? 

"I feel lighter, and yet more grounded! I have a plan and a way to help me, help myself.” -Coaching Client

A coaching exchange with Cait is for you if you know you want to make significant change and progress in your life.


You want someone you can trust to help you flesh out your ideas and drill down into what matters most.


Cait's draws on over 30 years of experience as a coach, a business owner and an entrepreneur. 


She is also a wife, a mother to a teenager, a sister and a loyal to the end friend.


Diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2000, Cait understands what it is like to struggle with physical and mental health issues.


She also recognizes the pitfalls of being misunderstood.


Cait's role is to conduct your coaching sessions following what she knows through her own life experience.


Using common sense and good judgement, Cait collaborates with individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy.


"[Cait has] first-hand knowledge from experience, both personal and from working with clients, and a genuine interest to help her clients.

Add this to her curiosity to learn more, which is evident in the copious amount of research she undertakes,  translates to a well-rounded coaching session with specific actions and solutions given to address your particular challenge.”

-Coaching Client


And, Cait is a vault...


Everyone needs an empathetic place from which to springboard. Clarity Coaching with Cait offers that platform and more.


After reserving your spot to work with Cait privately, you will receive a note about how to schedule your virtual coaching session.


Given the nature of this work, space is extremely limited.


Don't wait.


Take advantage of this special opportunity today to take the reins in on living a life you love.



Here's what you get when you collaborate with Cait

First and foremost, an opportunity to tell me your story from the ground up!

In our first session, we'll meet in a private, virtual discovery consult where you can tell me what's currently happening in your life and I will listen—wholeheartedly.

Our collective goal in each session is to create a possible path(s) forward with actionable steps to consider.

Space for this personalized, safe, fun and supremely informative coaching opportunity to work with Cait is extremely limited.


Get started today and reserve your spot for this one of kind virtual experience that is sure to help you achieve more clarity and vitality so you can continue to thrive in every season of your life!

Imagine if you could make real, lasting change.

You can. Let me help!

Join me from the comfort of your home and let's make a plan to take the reins back in on your life.

First, if you didn't already know, I am a lifelong equestrian.

It was training horses and coaching their people that brought me to the coaching industry, over 30 years ago.  

To help my clients perform better in the saddle, I helped them out of the saddle.

In a way, life is like that, too. Sometimes you need to step off the horse to gain some perspective.

Connecting with you one-to-one can be a great way to help you connect better with your self.

Increased clarity about where you want to take your life next can give you

✔️ More confidence

✔️ Greater endurance

✔️ Improved self-compassion

✔️ And more joy!

Enter, pro-active, solution seeking, clarity coaching with Cait Lynch.

Testimonials: Cait helped me to...

Gain clarity and create a path forward

“Cait reminded me that if you've done something once, you can surely do it again.

-Coaching Client

I am the ruler of my situation

“realize that I can change if I want to.”

-Coaching Client

See things from another perspective

“Sort through some issues that I realized were just in my mind."

-Coaching Client

One-to-One Coaching Sessions

30 Minute Consult

Private, one-to-one consultations (via Zoom) with nutrition, fitness coach and author, Cait Lynch.


50 Minute Consult

Private, one-to-one consultations (via Zoom) with nutrition, fitness coach and author, Cait Lynch.


After connecting with Cait...

I am hopeful and encouraged. 

"This is crucial in my healing." 

-Coaching Client

I feel lighter, and yet more grounded!

“I had a plan and a way to help me, help myself.”

-Coaching Client

I want to go skydiving!

“I was all geared up, but just needed that nudge from Cait to head out the plane door." 

-Coaching Client

Is Clarity Coaching with Cait for you?

Coaching is for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy who want to make changes and move forward in their lives.


Clarity Coaching is not advice, therapy or counselling.


Clarity Coaching may address specific personal, business, or general goals and objectives.

By entering a coaching exchange with Cait, you know you want to make significant progress and change in your life.


Because progress and change happen at rates unique to each person, every coaching relationships requires a personalized recipe for success.


Cait's role is to conduct coaching sessions following what she knows, while using common sense and good judgment. 

Work with Cait one-to-one using her TAAP System which includes, but is not limited to

  • TRACK: Take an honest look what you are currently doing/choosing and take stock of your values, your motivations and what is important to you 
  • ASSESS: Use specific processes to understand the obstacles and barriers that could be causing self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs, negative emotions and stress in your life, now and beyond
  • ADJUST: Learn to integrate new habits that potentially serve you and those you love
  • PROGRESS: Practice proven strategies and shortcuts to fast track your success while loving the life you have 


NOTE: Cait collaborates with individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy.

I recommend Cait's coaching because...

Cait's straight forward, fun to interact with and is always solutions seeking.

"I felt listened to in a kind and compassionate manner. Your energy during the conversation was so engaging,  and your tone was spot on - you were focused, up beat and not afraid to speak in ‘me’ terms rather than generalities."

-Coaching Client

Cait's coaching applies to YOUR life

“I’ve been given the tools – time to put the work in." 

-Coaching Client

[Cait's] curiosity to learn more

“which is evident in the copious amount of research she undertakes, translates to a well-rounded coaching session with specific actions and solutions given to address your particular challenge."

-Coaching Client

What to expect... 


Three Easy Steps

Step I: Choose a Coaching Package

 To start, choose a 30 minute or 50 minute discovery session with me.

Then, check your email (and your spam folder) for next steps. 


Step II: Book your first session

Check your email for the link to schedule your first session with Cait.

Again, initial sessions are 30 to 50 minutes each or a combination of both for packages*.

(*What that means is that if you have time left over in a session, we can bank it to use in future sessions.)

Scheduled appointments will be agreed upon, action steps will be agreed upon, and accountability to both the process(es) and the agreements made during each coaching session will determine the success of the coaching process. 


Step III: Create a success path forward with Cait

Because progress and change happen at rates unique to each person, every coaching relationships requires a personalized recipe for success.

The success of any coaching relationship is determined by both the perspective given by the coach and the follow through by the client.

This process is known as accountability.  

Good news! Encouraging people to stay accountable is my wheelhouse.

Just make a plan to show up, participate fully and stay curious. I am here to help.




Cait Lynch, B.A
Nutrition & Fitness Coach & Author
Owner, Custom Fit Vitality

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