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Initial Discovery Consultation

90 Minutes $199

Clarity Coaching

(For Current Clients Only)

Book a time to meet with me privately, anytime to check-in about whatever you need.
30 Minutes $65
50 Minutes $125
75 Minutes $175

Accountability Coaching

Accountability & Feedback Coaching Check-Ins (M-F)
  • Monday through Friday by 9:00 AM (your time zone), send me your food logs for the day via text for accountability & feedback
  • Meet with me via Zoom for a 15 minute coaching check-in
One Week $75
Two Weeks $125
Four Weeks $199

Private Coaching Packages

Your time is divided however you wish. (E.G. Book the hour, if you have 20 minutes left, we bank it; if you need 20 minutes more, you use it.)
Four Hours $400
Eight Hours $720



"Seeing the light go on for you is what makes me bounce out of bed every day!"



I'm Cait Lynch. I am a nutrition, fitness and equestrian coach and author.

Sharing proactive solutions that focus on wholistic wellness from the ground up, emphasizing that we are a result of the choices that we make.

Know better, choose better, be better.

Custom Fit Vitality is a co-ed fitness and healthy lifestyle community that serves anyone who wants to cultivate an authentic, abundant, and balanced life while encouraging others the opportunity to do the same.

Stay curious!

Cait Lynch, B.A

Nutrition & Fitness Coach & Author
Owner, Custom Fit Vitality

More About Me

"I recommend Cait as a coach to everyone because she knows what she is talking about, it’s sound science. Beyond being knowledgeable, Cait takes the time to know who she is speaking to. She is empowering, uplifting and encouraging."

- Lisa. B (coaching client) 

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