If you have any injuries, medical conditions or other limitations, it is essential that you consult your doctor or consultant prior to taking part.

By joining the class you automatically accept full responsibility for your own safety and recognize that in absence of a physically present teacher, it is your responsibility ensure that you stay within your physical limits. Cait Lynch nor Custom Fit Vitality shall not bare any responsibility for injuries sustained during on-line sessions.

 PREGNANCY – There are contraindications during pregnancy which can not be accommodated in a virtual class setting. If you join the class, this is at your own risk. Please ensure you have a thorough knowledge of your individual limitations and modify poses/exercises or rest where necessary.

Unless otherwise stated, classes are for people age 18 years or older.


DISCLAIMER: The ideas, procedures and suggestions offered by Cait Lynch via the web, publications and/or at Custom Fit Vitality or any other venue are not intended as a substitute for consulting your physician. All matters regarding your health require medical supervision.

All payments are final. No refunds given.