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Forget about the onslaught of doubtful diets and exhausting exercise regimes.

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Cait Lynch, Vitality Expert



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Cait Lynch, Vitality Expert

"Even with the current state of the world, I am FINALLY sleeping through the night and waking-up rested. I have more patience, which is helping me to remain resilient  through these uncertain times."
Anonymous Refresher

This is not an interruption;
this is a transformation.


Join the Sisterhood & Circle-Up For Your Vitality Refresh! 

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Is this you?

  • Are you stuck on the endless roller coaster of self-sabotage?
  • Is what used to work for you feeling stale?
  • Lately, do you feel like you have a continual case of what I like to call the 'screw-its'?
  • Does what sounded like a keen renewal plan in the middle of the night (or first thing in the morning) continually fall flat...?
  • Do you set good intentions and make promises without the support and new knowledge you need to succeed?


“I’m here because the connection is important. Looking for connection and I always love to support other women.”
–Kerri, SCU Sister

This is convenient, meaningful connection at your fingertips.

No Zoom; no Facebook.


“Greatly appreciate that I’m never falling behind because I can fit this in throughout my day.” 
–Tracey, SCU Sister

There is nothing like having a coach who is on your side and a community of women who has your back—all from the comfort of home.


"I believe in the power of connection and I believe in the power of women helping other women."

–Karen, SCU Sister

A simple way to learn and practice together to create lasting, positive change that makes a difference in all areas of our lives.



“I’m kind of an introvert, but I'm really missing people.”
–Kathy, SCU Sister

Stop the mindless scroll of social media. Instead, be seen and heard by a coach who is on your side and community of likeminded women who has your back.

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I've been there!

Sometimes I too wake-up with good intentions for the day and get started.

But then, when the 'witching hour rolls around', (for me this is between three o'clock and five o'clock PM, daily), sometimes I cave.

Or something 'comes up' and my plan goes out the window...Again.

Honestly, riding the self-sabotage roller coaster by imbibing in excess alcohol or filling the hole with some name-your-comfort-food-go-to or zoning out in front of Netflix again and again is exhausting.

Don't you think?

The truth is, continually letting yourself down is hard work for your mind, body and spirit.

The self-sabotage roller coaster is robbing you of your vitality.

We are the result of our choices. Our choices create habits and our habits create patterns.

In the moment, we think sleeping in or staying up too late every night is what we want. We reach for another glass of wine or a pint of ice cream because we want relief!

Life reveals to us that we are what we do on a continual basis. We see it in the mirror, we feel it in our clothes, we yearn for it in our relationships.

Do we really want to be tired, wired, bloated, cranky, anxious and lonely...?

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Here Is How the Sisterhood Circle-Up 21 Day Refresh Works...

We officially begin on the first day of the month but we prepare with intro days soon...

The refresh tuition is $97 (CAD) to join.

This gives you exclusive access to the private, Sisterhood members’ area where you will find solutions and resources for Your 21 Day Refresh that starts on the first of the month.

The private, members only Sisterhood area becomes your deep well to drink from that gives you all the tools you need to begin your 21 Day Refresh journey.

Inside, you'll learn the bones of the 21 Day Refresh. We'll talk about:

  • Your Mind: We'll take an emancipating, 'aha moment' dive into the science behind why we do what we do. We'll share inspiring, actionable steps for ways to know better, choose better and do better to feel better. From gut health to brain chemistry, we'll unpack everything from our hormones to our neurotransmitters into bite-sized pieces, so we can intelligently and compassionately take the reins in on our monkey minds. 
  • Your Body: Let's take a baby steps look at what working for your body and what (perhaps) is not. Ditch your diet, eat real food and see and feel real rewards. Plus, we'll take a discerning look at how we move (or don't move) our bodies through both exercise, daily movement and stillness practices.
  • Your Spirit: How's yours...? Through thoughtful, meaningful, connection with our Sisterhood Circle-Up, we will check-in with our spirits. Instead of filling the hole with sabotaging substitutes like:
    • over-eating or under-eating,
    • excessive shopping,
    • leaning on alcohol,
    • too much or not enough exercise/movement...

Instead, we'll invite in the support of the Sisterhood to fill the whole of your heart.

Join us in our Sisterhood Circle-Up group where we can see and hear each other! Inside the Sisterhood Circle-Up, we'll distill down solutions shared and help you to flesh out what works best for you.

Hear and share real stories in real time with likeminded women who are curious and invested in their own journeys. Experience the generosity of the collective Sisterhood spirit as we support and lift you up to live a life you love


“I never expected to get so far so fast.”
–Elaine, SCU Sister

Release belly fat, curb sugar cravings and finally get a good night's sleep.


“I thought this was going to be hokey, but I can't believe how much better I feel.” 
–Cathy, SCU Sister

Applying meaningful feedback to our lives in ways that is impactful and long lasting.


“Gave a great group of women a great platform to share and support each other, in a way that worked with everyone's schedules.”
–Ruth, SCU Sister

Like-minded, inspirational women to connect with.


“Sharing of the good days, the bad days and the overall support that so many gave so freely had the most impact on me.”
–Jen, SCU Sister

Encouragement that is timely, candid and honest.

Yes, please! I want in

Let's commit, connect and conquer—together!

Let’s link arms and tackle what’s taking up free rent in our minds, bodies and spirits.

Only a handful of Sisters who want to take the reins in on the seemingly endless self-sabotage rollercoaster are invited.

Let's tame our monkey minds, make peace with our worried guts and send some much needed light and love to our anxious hearts.

To Conquer Self-Sabotage, Connection is the Cure.


So what is $97 (CAD)?

Isn't that less than a night out, a few bottles of wine or an impulse buy off Poshmark or Amazon…?

Here's the thing—like I said, I too, wrangle the self-sabotage roller coaster.

Do you ever tell yourself as the first of the month rolls around, "This month I am going to get back into my self-care routines!"

And sometimes you do...

You go at it hard, daily making sure you do all of the things you know deep down that you should to look after yourself.

But then, you start to flounder. 

You feel deprived, lonely and frustrated.

Your self-sabotage roller coaster—in whatever form it takes for you—could be adding to your anxiety.

The ‘screw-its’ come back and you are—once again, languishing alone...

Here's What You Get...


  • 24/7 access to Your 21 Day Refresh membership

  • Receive daily guidance from Cait to percolate on at your own pace ($247 value)
  • Handpicked resources & podcasts ($147 value)

  • Stories from your Sisterhood (priceless!)

  • Belong to your lively and engaged Sisterhood for support and
    inspiration ($297 value)


Total Value: $791

For Only $97 (CAD) 

Aren't you tired of being sleepy, sexless and surly?

Circle-Up Sister 💫 You're Welcome

Stop languishing alone; start thriving again. 

Join us for Your Vitality Refresh. Commit, connect with the Sisterhood Circle-Up and conquer the self-sabotage roller coaster for good!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Vitality Expert, Cait Lynch

"Seeing the light go on for you is what makes me bounce out of bed every day!" 

I'm Cait Lynch. I am a nutrition, fitness and equestrian coach and author. 

Plus, I am a vitality expert.

What does this mean?

Being an expert in vitality means I have had my share of flops!

I've floundered and languished along (and alone) a lot.

Drawing from my experience as a coach for 30+ years, a daughter, sister, wife, mother and a business woman, my shares for proactive solutions that focus on wholistic wellness from the ground up, come from my commitment to look at my failures as tuition towards living a life I love.

Developing a mindset to look at set backs as feedback, instead of failure—to keep learning and growing—has been the key to getting off the self-sabotage roller coaster.

Forever curious, my style as your coach is to emphasize that we are a result of the choices that we make.

Good news!

Once we know better, we can choose better and ultimately, be better.

Custom Fit Vitality is a healthy lifestyle community that serves women who want to cultivate an authentic, abundant, and balanced life while encouraging others the opportunity to do the same.

Stay curious!

Cait Lynch, B.A
Vitality Expert

Nutrition & Fitness Coach & Author
Founder, Custom Fit Vitality

More About Me
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Quick & Easy Ways to Stop Self Sabotage.

All good things, I promise.