CONNECT Coaching with Cait Lynch includes sharing proactive solutions as we focus on wholistic wellness from the ground up, emphasizing that overwhelm is a choice and that we are a result of the choices that we make. Know better, choose better, be better.


Save your knees!

A quick video tutorial to help with knee pain.


Judd Gilks

Just finished a Boot Camp replay. Loved it. Your energy, coaching tips, and corrections always come through loud and clear. The group dynamic was great today. Thanks for all you have put into making this new delivery format first class.

Tracey Burke

Loved this class! Had a really great momentum to it. I will definitely mark this as one of my all time favourites! Challenging, great strengthening & stretching.

Getting stronger every time!

Dawn Wannamaker

Loved the CONNECT Conversation today. This 'COVID slap down' has helped me refocus on what is important and what I needed to give up. I was handling the stress, not managing it, and it was coming out in my body and sleep. I am grateful Cait took her business online, I feel like without these workouts, I would not be as healthy, inside and out, as I feel! 

Stephanie Cudmore

Loved all the back exercises today. As someone with a history of back issues, Pilates and learning proper form and technique (not just during exercise - but for all movement) has saved my back. It’s stronger now than ever!

Kim Bell

I loved the CONNECT CONVERSATION today about being "slapped down by the universe" - it really resonated with me. Your online fitness classes have been my saving grace. They have been my commitment to self care; they don't just help physically, but also mentally. I haven't felt this good in a really long time, so I thank you for that, Cait, and for everything that you put into this business to benefit your "tribe" of people!

Jaclyn Myers

Wow! Great workout. Really appreciate all the little cues (push your head back, don't lock your knees, etc.). Thanks so much for putting these on demand as I love that I can fit them in to the new schedule as I am able.

Julie Shaw

I loved the takeaway from the CONNECT CONVERSATION to pivot.  My learning was that this is not something that we have to do once in life when something as life changing as COVID takes place but something that we must do many times in life to keep growing and be successful. 

Pam Donnan

Great replay! I could really feel my back working. Thanks also for all the info and the check-ins for our knee placements (which is my kryptonite). I love the longer sets and the reminders to not push into the floor with my abs.



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